On Privacy and Sharing

In a recent newsletter, Alexandra Franzen included a list of writing prompts, one of which went like this: “What are the parts [of your life] that nobody sees?” This question has been on my mind quite often lately. Could I actually find good writing material in the banalities of my everyday life? In the things I don’t feel compelled to…

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My 2017 Values

For the third year in a row, I’m completing the Design Your 20XX workbook, a tool developed by GetBullish creator Jen Dziura for those of us who find extreme joy in advance planning. The Design Your 2017 workbook contains some updates from previous versions which I found to be thoughtful improvements as well as good fun (we should all have To-Don’t…

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How to be a professional writer
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Motivation Monday: On Writing

“Write like a motherfucker.” – Cheryl Strayed Write all the time, every day, in every possible mood. Write when you’re so excited to write that you could throw up because you can’t get it all down on paper fast enough. Write when you have nothing to say. Most importantly, write when it’s the very last thing you feel like doing—when…

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